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When I grow up I want to make fantasy battle armour

You ever have one of those days when it all clicks into place? I had one of those recently. I was trying to do a modelling shoot which I had to devise a costume for (see picture – I’m a woad warrior) when it came to me that I want to make costume armour for LARP, fancy dress parties, theatre etc.

I used to make costumes for festivals, parades and cabaret singers when I was putting myself through art college and I loved it! But I stopped when I was burned by a bad customer. That’s not a good enough reason to stop doing something I love!

After some soul searching and thinking about my life I figured that my shop should be more fantastic! So today I am starting a new project and if it works I will be a more creative person! I’m going to try and make a black dragon helm! If that works, I will make matching armour! I’ll still be creating abstract paintings and jewellery because I still love making them too, but I feel I need to spread my wings a bit!

So keep an eye out for my new, exciting range, I hope I can still do this. Also I’d love to hear your stories of building dreams!

Love Caerys

Metal, Mud and Good times! Wacken 2013 here I come!

41 days until Metal, Mud and Good times! On August 1st Wacken Open Air Festival starts and I’m getting ridiculously excited about it! The line up this year is amazing with huge headline acts such as Rammstein, Alice Cooper, Motorhead, Nightwish, Anthrax and Trivium to name just a few! The small acts that have been named are pretty top notch too! If you are a huge metalhead like myself you should definitely check out this festival.

It takes place every year around the start of August (This year it’s the 1st to the 4th) in Wacken town near Hamburg in Germany. For more information check out their website here –

Also they’re starting to put on wrestling shows this year which is going to be super (ok I love wrestling and metal if you put those two together it makes me a happy, happy girl) and as Chris Jericho is playing in his band at the festival, I’m kind of hoping that I’ll get to see him make an in ring appearance!

So if you love metal like I do check out Wacken. Also if you know of any great metal festivals let me know, I’m always seeking to expand my dirty metal horizons!

Love Caerys

One from the vault - Where does the time go?

Happy Saturday everybody!

Why is it that I am always playing catch up with creativity? I am an incredibly lucky person and I’m not going to lament my woes upon you, for the rest of the internet is already doing that, but where does the time go? Mind you, we’d all be complaining if life wasn’t this interesting so I’m gong to take the optimistic approach here and show you something colourful!

This is a digital painting I created about six months ago when feeling a bit cold and grumpy and at the time I wasn’t ready to show it to everyone. However it was a great surprise when I was cleaning my computer out that I found it. I had forgotten about some of my works because they made me melancholy at the time but now, looking at them with fresh eyes, I see them differently.

I can see brightness and happiness trying to emerge. Life can change so fast and I’ve experienced that my outlook on life has a huge effect on how I perceive the world. So I’m taking a page out of Morecambe and Wise’s book – “When you feel down, try positive thinking…”

Hope you like it
Love Caerys

Beads + Floor = Aargh!

Look at them – those beads – waiting… waiting to leap onto the floor.

Top tip time – keep your workspace organised and you’ll suffer less hair pulling and swearing. Also you can live in blissful ignorance of the dirt that has accumulated under the fridge (how does it get that bad?).

I’ve had to pick up hundreds of tiny beads while making jewellery over the past couple of days but it is worth it for the end results. Also soon under my fridge is going to be clean, in fact I’ll do that now!

If you like these check out my colours in my Etsy shop here –

Always stay vibrant!
Love Caerys

Hi everyone,

Sorry I haven’t been as active as of late but it has been for a good reason. As of today I have begun selling my art and crafts through my new Etsy store. I have been honing my skills and studying up on the different legal obligations that comes with going self-employed and am finally ready to make that leap.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported me in this venture, my family and friends and also all of you for you kind words about my work to date. I look forward to telling you all about the MANY projects I am working on and look forward to seeing you all at my Etsy store and hearing your feedback so that I can continue to grow and develop.

Here is my starting line up, all with a special opening price!


Rock and Roll

Media: Ink and acrylics

Hot patootie- Happy Christmas!
The winter season is well and truly upon us and I’m hoping I’ve got everything done. This painting was completed when I could get a minute to work on it and is based on rock and roll. Listening to the music inspired me to create these forms and ‘twangs’ of colour. The tempo helped me to create such stark and fluid shapes that came from enjoying this genre of music.

I love music and feel that each genre has its own merits that warrant their existence. I’m not a music snob but I have a deep appreciation for classic rock and roll which has given me the inspiration to create this. I might try to incorporate other forms of music that really speak to me so keep an eye out for metal, blues, rock and jazz. I may even think about pop as I have a whole folder of guilty pleasures in that field.

Before this, though, I’m going to be taking a break and going back to the old country for a week to see family and friends over christmas. While I’m in Ireland I’ll look to see what I can create and share. In the meantime all of my works are available to download for free at my deviantart page –

If you like them go ahead

I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.
Love Caerys

I think we need a holiday

Media: Acrylics

Life is never dull, it’s always full of complicated and exciting moments. Sometimes when things get really hectic it’s hard to find the time to do the things that make us remember that we are human.

This painting is a collection of moments that I have put aside for a couple of weeks to explore how fast paced life is.

Love Caerys